If you need smart concept and design services turned around under a squeaky tight deadline and a not-a-penny-more budget, Lynne Hans delivers. And delivers. And delivers.


Concept – Because a Nice Picture Without a Brain Behind it is Worthless

Lynne wields both big-picture vision and a passion for detail in arriving at concepts that nail it. She knows what a project needs to be effective. After all, that’s the way to boost readership, understanding and sales, isn’t it?


Design – The Look that Communicates Brilliantly

Lynne’s work has been honored with Clio Awards, a Scarab Club Award, Caddies, Addies and – Lynne’s personal favorite – referral business.  (She’ll gladly offer you names of past clients, if you’d like to check up on that.)  


Deliver – On Time and On Budget

As ad agencies, magazine publishers and private companies all over metro Detroit already know, Lynne is someone who can hit the ground running with design projects like nobody else. And deliver. 


Where Lynne’s Been

Schooled at Michigan State University and the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, Lynne’s career was launched at Campbell Ewald working on automotive accounts and then at D’arcy, Masius, Benton and Bowles, as Art Supervisor on the Whirlpool account. Since that time, she’s designed and art directed at ad agencies big and small, and directly for numerous businesses.


Need it Yesterday?

You got it.  Period.  Day or night, Lynne will put in whatever hours are necessary to meet your project deadline.  



248.470.9491   ldorando@mi.rr.com



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